Friday, July 23, 2010

Brand New

Although I'm well aware that right now That I'm just talking to myself since i don't have any followers, why not post some music anyway (echoes throughout the empty blog) I'll kick it off with some old and some new. The Mighty Mos and De La Soul are two examples of not having to conform to get your message across. I see too many people claiming to loove music with no desire to expand their horizons. And that's a damn shame because with so much creativity out here and so few of it being picked up on artists are thinking it a waste of time to be original. Leading to more of that simplistic bullshit that is given a pass because it gets played on the radio and in the club. Of course it's getting played there niggas is buying it. But Fuck it as time goes on and people mature they'll begin to tire of hearing the same thing in every song the same way. And when they do they'll Find themselves Knocking on The nimbus.

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