Sunday, April 10, 2011

Who'da thought

Who'da thought that after such a long absence I'd return with something of my own? haha I did of course

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Dumb Found *Dead*

I'ma keep this one short assuming anybody reads these, Someones race has absolutely nothing to do with their abilities be emcee or otherwise. Some of the wackest artists i've heard have been black some of the wackest artists I've heard have been white. It all depends on the specific individual and the circumstances surrounding that individual. Also Eminem is crazy talented but there are other talented people out there too. Every time race gets brought up in a discussion about emceeing Eminem is one of the first names to come up. He's achieved mainstream success but he shouldn't be the only one that people name. Don't get me wrong though there are some super wack artists who aren't black too. Usually they tend to suffer from a lack of rhythm, Talent, or suffer from the misconception that is Mainstream rap. but wack artists and dope artists come in all colors and creeds


 Aztek Escobar


Thursday, July 29, 2010

Hater for the Greater Good

Hating is One of the most overused words in Hip Hop. When someone gives a negative opinion on anything whether it be an artist, a song, or an event it is not always hating. As with almost anything the circumstances surrounding the opinion and the reason for the opinion determines whether it's hate or not. If I say I don't like MTV and I say that it's because they're a channel that helps decide what's cool and what not and then they make Jersey shore one of the most ignorant shows on tv cool, Then that's my opinion. I'm not hating on MTV I'm saying that I don't agree with what they've done and that's why I don't like them. Many think hating is any negative opinion on anything, This is an absolute lie. Without Opinions or "Hate" anything would be allowed. You don't say that the police are hating on a murderer by putting him on jail do you? If people don't set standards then absolutely anything is given a pass and people who are truly working their ass off get shafted by posers and opportunists. My point is get your money but when you stop me from getting mine we have a problem and when this problem is brought to your attention I'm not hating on your success or hating that I'm failing. I'm letting you know that I won't stand for the destruction of my livelihood and culture. at least from a hip hop hating stand point. But I am in no way saying that there aren't real haters the real haters are the people who give an opinion with no backup no reasoning and no perspective other than that they dislike what is happening.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Fame Success and the Emcee

When was the last time you heard an Emcee? I don't mean a rapper who was just called an emcee by mtv or whatever, I mean a real MC. I'm talking about someone dedicated to the craft. They eat sleep breathe and shit Hip Hop. Emcees seem to be a dying breed but I don't think this is truly the case. I think that Emcees have been pushed into a space that pressures them with "rap like this or else be lame". I've met a lot of rappers in my life, and most of them have the same ear for beats, same lyrics, same overall style, just tweaked a bit. Where are all of the creative emcees at? It's the most cliche answer possible:UNDERGROUND. I could give you a long list of talented emcees and if you ain't checkin for the underground scene you proly ain't gon know most of the niggas i'm talking about. Most people are likely to say "if he's so good why isn't he famous?" A good question. One i've been trying to find the answer to for years. These emcees aren't marketable, they aren't fads. If they were to be featured on BET the response would be lukewarm at best. This is because the BET audience has been trained to like The same type of music that has been pushed to them for the last couple years. To many of them Lil Wayne is the best rapper alive because that's what they've been conditioned to believe by almost all sources of urban media (Radio, Tv, movies etc.).  This means they often cut themselves off from other types of music or anything that is too far away from the conditioned sound. Which leaves the emcees with a much more limited audience. Meanwhile those who care more about getting money than they do the creativity of their art or were conditioned with the predetermined sound are going to take advantage of the market such as Soulja Boy or The New Boyz and they're going to be more financially successful than the emcee because they appeal to the conditioned minds. So My point is that just because someone is more well known than another it doesn't mean that they are more skilled It more often than not means that they have done less work and have taken the easy route to financial success which is fine up to a certain point but once you have become financially stable if you take no action to improve yourself and your craft you are nothing but a Leech adding to The problems that Motivated Nas to declare it dead.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Bitch Made Fuckery (hate)

So I just got done watching the ignorance that is Rick Ross' "B.M.F" on the jimmy fallon show. And as i watched the expressionless faces of The Roots, it occured to me that shit is fucked up. I find myself still listening to "what they do" and this seems to be the exact "what they do" situation. If someone could explain to me what's cool about being Larry Hoover I'd appriciate it, because a lotta the niggas who follow him wind up in jail for life or dead. He himself is in max security prison, So thinking that you're Larry Hoover is not really something to glorify. It's bullshit like that that has niggas saying hip hop is dead. And Yeah I understand the roots gotta eat but c'mon man That's just dirty. where the fuck is Black Thought at? And I already know People gon Break they leg just to call me a hater. That's not me hating that's my opinion bordering on fact. There is nothing cool about being Big meech, Larry Hoover, or whippin work. Niggas then got it twisted It's one thing to sell drugs because you have to and not be apologetic about it. It's something else entirely to sell drugs and glorify the shit. If you tell me he's not glorifying the shit find that song anywhere on you tube and i bet within the first 4 comments there's somebody who says "this shit go hard". And with so many brainwashed fools in the world and people who sell drugs anyway the last thing niggas need to do is add to it... "but he getting money though" says the ignorant and short sighted and to that I say look at Lindsay Lohan (at the bottom of the page)

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Friday, July 23, 2010

The substance formally known as illegal

Weed is the cause of much debate in my area, it seems like most of the people who want it to be legal are so far gone into it that they would prove someone who says it is massively addictive correct. But at the same time most who are opposed to it are so far gone into the propaganda surrounding it that it clouds their judgement of the situation. If a person wants to smoke weed they should be able to smoke weed without any legal reprocussions. The fact that I can get Wasted and smoke blacks until my lungs turn black should be the perfect example for why marijuanna should be legal. I'm not even really a weed smoker but the fact that people get locked up for it and face fines is simply ridiculous. If I have the freedom to go out get piss drunk and have a 3-way with a white girl, and an asian girl Then I should for damn sure have the freedom to smoke weed. With that said This post is dedicated to my niggas getting Blizasted


It seems like ain't nobody trina battle anymore. I'm not a battle Emcee but I respect that shit heavy. It's one of the Hip Hop arts that you don't hardly see unless you know where to look. I mean yeah you might see one on you tube but how many people can actually say they've seen a good one? Not very many unless they're already up on it. The infamous Eli Porter battle is a reflection of most of the battles i've seen. hell when i was younger I was in a battle my first one as a matter of fact. I failed miserably. But the other dude was spittin some hot shit. That was the worst feeling in the world. I saw that guy a few months ago and he's a cokehead...I firmly believe that his purpose in all things leading up to that moment was to win that battle so I would be motivated to get my bars up...anybody who's heard me spit in person knows that was one hell of a loss. Anyway Here's a battle between Conceited and Arsonal reminds me of my personal experience haha also shouts to Abstract for putting me up on Conceited