Sunday, July 25, 2010

Fame Success and the Emcee

When was the last time you heard an Emcee? I don't mean a rapper who was just called an emcee by mtv or whatever, I mean a real MC. I'm talking about someone dedicated to the craft. They eat sleep breathe and shit Hip Hop. Emcees seem to be a dying breed but I don't think this is truly the case. I think that Emcees have been pushed into a space that pressures them with "rap like this or else be lame". I've met a lot of rappers in my life, and most of them have the same ear for beats, same lyrics, same overall style, just tweaked a bit. Where are all of the creative emcees at? It's the most cliche answer possible:UNDERGROUND. I could give you a long list of talented emcees and if you ain't checkin for the underground scene you proly ain't gon know most of the niggas i'm talking about. Most people are likely to say "if he's so good why isn't he famous?" A good question. One i've been trying to find the answer to for years. These emcees aren't marketable, they aren't fads. If they were to be featured on BET the response would be lukewarm at best. This is because the BET audience has been trained to like The same type of music that has been pushed to them for the last couple years. To many of them Lil Wayne is the best rapper alive because that's what they've been conditioned to believe by almost all sources of urban media (Radio, Tv, movies etc.).  This means they often cut themselves off from other types of music or anything that is too far away from the conditioned sound. Which leaves the emcees with a much more limited audience. Meanwhile those who care more about getting money than they do the creativity of their art or were conditioned with the predetermined sound are going to take advantage of the market such as Soulja Boy or The New Boyz and they're going to be more financially successful than the emcee because they appeal to the conditioned minds. So My point is that just because someone is more well known than another it doesn't mean that they are more skilled It more often than not means that they have done less work and have taken the easy route to financial success which is fine up to a certain point but once you have become financially stable if you take no action to improve yourself and your craft you are nothing but a Leech adding to The problems that Motivated Nas to declare it dead.

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