Thursday, July 29, 2010

Hater for the Greater Good

Hating is One of the most overused words in Hip Hop. When someone gives a negative opinion on anything whether it be an artist, a song, or an event it is not always hating. As with almost anything the circumstances surrounding the opinion and the reason for the opinion determines whether it's hate or not. If I say I don't like MTV and I say that it's because they're a channel that helps decide what's cool and what not and then they make Jersey shore one of the most ignorant shows on tv cool, Then that's my opinion. I'm not hating on MTV I'm saying that I don't agree with what they've done and that's why I don't like them. Many think hating is any negative opinion on anything, This is an absolute lie. Without Opinions or "Hate" anything would be allowed. You don't say that the police are hating on a murderer by putting him on jail do you? If people don't set standards then absolutely anything is given a pass and people who are truly working their ass off get shafted by posers and opportunists. My point is get your money but when you stop me from getting mine we have a problem and when this problem is brought to your attention I'm not hating on your success or hating that I'm failing. I'm letting you know that I won't stand for the destruction of my livelihood and culture. at least from a hip hop hating stand point. But I am in no way saying that there aren't real haters the real haters are the people who give an opinion with no backup no reasoning and no perspective other than that they dislike what is happening.

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