Saturday, July 24, 2010

Bitch Made Fuckery (hate)

So I just got done watching the ignorance that is Rick Ross' "B.M.F" on the jimmy fallon show. And as i watched the expressionless faces of The Roots, it occured to me that shit is fucked up. I find myself still listening to "what they do" and this seems to be the exact "what they do" situation. If someone could explain to me what's cool about being Larry Hoover I'd appriciate it, because a lotta the niggas who follow him wind up in jail for life or dead. He himself is in max security prison, So thinking that you're Larry Hoover is not really something to glorify. It's bullshit like that that has niggas saying hip hop is dead. And Yeah I understand the roots gotta eat but c'mon man That's just dirty. where the fuck is Black Thought at? And I already know People gon Break they leg just to call me a hater. That's not me hating that's my opinion bordering on fact. There is nothing cool about being Big meech, Larry Hoover, or whippin work. Niggas then got it twisted It's one thing to sell drugs because you have to and not be apologetic about it. It's something else entirely to sell drugs and glorify the shit. If you tell me he's not glorifying the shit find that song anywhere on you tube and i bet within the first 4 comments there's somebody who says "this shit go hard". And with so many brainwashed fools in the world and people who sell drugs anyway the last thing niggas need to do is add to it... "but he getting money though" says the ignorant and short sighted and to that I say look at Lindsay Lohan (at the bottom of the page)

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