Friday, July 23, 2010

The substance formally known as illegal

Weed is the cause of much debate in my area, it seems like most of the people who want it to be legal are so far gone into it that they would prove someone who says it is massively addictive correct. But at the same time most who are opposed to it are so far gone into the propaganda surrounding it that it clouds their judgement of the situation. If a person wants to smoke weed they should be able to smoke weed without any legal reprocussions. The fact that I can get Wasted and smoke blacks until my lungs turn black should be the perfect example for why marijuanna should be legal. I'm not even really a weed smoker but the fact that people get locked up for it and face fines is simply ridiculous. If I have the freedom to go out get piss drunk and have a 3-way with a white girl, and an asian girl Then I should for damn sure have the freedom to smoke weed. With that said This post is dedicated to my niggas getting Blizasted

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