Friday, July 23, 2010


It seems like ain't nobody trina battle anymore. I'm not a battle Emcee but I respect that shit heavy. It's one of the Hip Hop arts that you don't hardly see unless you know where to look. I mean yeah you might see one on you tube but how many people can actually say they've seen a good one? Not very many unless they're already up on it. The infamous Eli Porter battle is a reflection of most of the battles i've seen. hell when i was younger I was in a battle my first one as a matter of fact. I failed miserably. But the other dude was spittin some hot shit. That was the worst feeling in the world. I saw that guy a few months ago and he's a cokehead...I firmly believe that his purpose in all things leading up to that moment was to win that battle so I would be motivated to get my bars up...anybody who's heard me spit in person knows that was one hell of a loss. Anyway Here's a battle between Conceited and Arsonal reminds me of my personal experience haha also shouts to Abstract for putting me up on Conceited

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